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Brightside Electrical LLC will make sure your new home is powered up when you move in. A new construction electrician in Austin, Texas will work closely with you or your builder to design your electrical system. Whether you’re building a single- or a multifamily home, you can count on us to install the appropriate wiring in your new house.

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5 things to consider when designing your electrical system

5 things to consider when designing your electrical system

You have a lot to think about before scheduling an electrical installation in Austin, Texas or surrounding areas. You should consider:

  1. The kind of lighting you want in your new home
  2. How many devices you and your family use every day
  3. The energy-efficiency of your appliances
  4. Where you want your control panel installed
  5. The location for your outlets
One of our electricians will go over your options with you so you can make smart choices for your new home. Call 512-920-8466 now to get a free estimate on electrical installation.